Emily Clock for Furni

2007 - 2008
6.4" X 2.5" X 2.3"
walnut, aluminum, stainless fasteners, brass inserts, polycarbonate, electronics from furni

This was my entry in Furni's "show us your skills" competition. Furni provided the clock electronics and I designed everything else. It was chosen as the winning design, went into production, and was part of Furni's 2009 collection.

Note - I was really into not having any furniture when I designed this. Since I use my cell phone as a timekeeper, I only need an alarm clock when I wake from sleep. I tend towards the minimal, so my concept was to make the clock as unobtrusive as possible when viewed everywhere except my bed. I've designed this piece to mount vertically on the wall so that the digital readout is aligned when your head rests on the pillow. Viewed from the front, the clock's aluminum casing is simple and blends nicely with the wall. Since the casing is fastened to the wood with machine screws and threaded inserts, a user could easily flip the led display and make this a table clock.

Approach to the competition
I chose materials and manufacturing techniques that were aligned with Furni's philosophy. The electronic components that Furni supplied can be dropped in without modification. This design could be easily transitioned to mass production. Several materials and finishes could be offered for the base and the casing. A complete summary of the design and build process is available on the flickr set.

A few people who have helped me on this project deserve special thanks. First, Steve Beard and Dennis Beach were critical in the prototype phase as well as in production. Also, thanks to Brian Johnson, for his keen bead blasting skills. Finally, thanks to my dad, for the use of his workspace and tools, and for his advice and encouragement.

Quotes from the Interweb
"It incorporates the basic design sense that most clock manufacturers have ignored for so long."
- Newlaunches.com

"It'll be a sure fire hit!"
-Adrienne Breaux, IF+D Austin

"Wolos went all out to win."
- MoCoLoco.com

"Smartest. Alarm clock. Ever."
- dvice.com

"Alarm Clock Design is So Stupid it's Brilliant."
- Gizmodo.com

"So simple yet practical."
- ubergizmo.com

"Emily is spot on and will make a great addition to a future 2008 furni collection."